Nettlestead Place Family Home

Over the centuries, Nettlestead Place has been the home of many families who have left their mark and added to the colourful character and history of this beautiful Manor House, of which a little more information can be found by clicking here.

All these families have contributed in their own way to the many physical alterations to the building that stands today and have also been responsible for numerous changes to the grounds and gardens, none more so than the present owners, Roy and Annabel Tucker.

Since 1978, Nettlestead Place has been the family home of Roy and Annabel who have with a passion for the environment surrounding them, set about creating one of the most stunningly beautiful and tranquil, private settings in the area.

Their latest change to the gardens was the planting of a small maze which adds yet even more interest and another dimension to the gardens for all visitors to enjoy.

Annabel runs a Marriage Preparation and counselling service so if you wish to find out more about the value of these services and what it involves, please ring Annabel (07792 975443).

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